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About Us

The National Care Agencies clinical and advisory group have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the NHS and Private healthcare sectors both within the UK.


We have established a reputation for providing reliability of service deliver whilst maintaining integrity, honesty, professionalism and diligence to our recruitment process. We provide a cost effective solution to support clients’ continuity of business. Although we are competitive, on average we pay our Healthcare personnel higher than industry rates in order to attract and retain quality.


We understand the sensitivity to quality and standards that surround the care industry. Ensuring that those who come into contact with your service users represent themselves and all parties to only the highest of professional standards. This is a partnership of trust between the agency provider and the client. We pride ourselves on working hard in order to create confidence in knowing that we provide a service that’s best intentions are for the care, welfare, dignity and respect of the service user and that of the clients and our reputation.

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