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Revalidation is the new process that all nurses and midwives will need to go through in order to renew their registration with the NMC.




As an employer of nurses and midwives, we need to be aware of revalidation and what this means for you. While revalidation is ultimately the responsibility of the individual nurse or midwife, as an employer, we have an important role to play in ensuring that nurses and midwives are prepared for the new process. Employers have a lot to gain: the more your organisation puts into revalidation, the more it will get out of it. 




Revalidation is a chance to support, guide and invest in nurses and midwives of all levels and in all settings. Importantly, it provides an opportunity for employers and organisations to undertake a wider assessment of the quality and assurance systems they have in place.

Click below to download the "How to revalidate" booklet
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